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Vission and Mission

About Us


To provide our pupils with an academic education and co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes which will equip them to take their rightful place in a changing society and to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

At New West Secondary:

  • we strive to provide a school environment that motivates and supports excellence in learning with pupils, teachers, support staff, parents and community members all working together;

  • we believe that education should encourage pupils to develop to their full potential according to their own individual needs;

  • we believe that pupils are of utmost importance; therefore we shall deal professionally with all those we teach, and respect each pupil as an individual;

  • we strive to instil in every pupil a love of learning and a quest for knowledge which will continue through life;

  • we believe that pupils need to develop knowledge, skills and the ability to think for themselves so that they will be self-confident in setting goals, making informed choices and acting in ways that will improve their own lives and the life of the community;

  • we believe that it is important for our pupils to have respect for themselves, others and our environment;

  • we believe that pupils need to develop their skill in sporting and cultural activities.

Therefore, we believe that:

  • we lead by example. If we work in harmony with others involved in the education of our pupils and show that we take pride in our work, then pupils will learn from our attitudes.


The ethos of the school promotes commitment to

  • Academic Endeavours

  • Sports and Sportsmanship

  • Cultural Activities


  • Team effort by all

  • Building relationships

  • On-going learning

  • Nurturing loyalty, respect and integrity

  • Strong moral convictions

  • Firm sense of justice

  • Self-discipline and confidence

  • Leadership with strength and compassion

OUR SCHOOL MOTTO - Lead by Example
The New West Secondary School pupils’ ten objectives have become inextricably woven into the school motto. Therefore, our pupils say:
I shall lead by example by trying...
1.    to attend school regularly
2.    to pass every test and examination
3.    to do my homework at all times
4.    to wear my school uniform every day
5.    to keep the school buildings and grounds in perfect condition
6.    to be loyal to my school
7.    to give my total support to my school in all its ventures and undertakings
8.    to take back to my family those values, ethics and ideals I have learnt at school in order to uplift the community
9.    never to bring disrepute to my school as a result of my behaviour in and out of school
10.    to bring honour and glory to my school, family and community.

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